RF Hardware Design: EE157 & EE157L, Winter 2015
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Last Update: 17 Mar 2015

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Lecture Room: Kresge 325 11-12:10pm
Laboratory Room: JBE 161
Instructor: S.C. Petersen, Email Instructor
Office: Times TBA; BE251, phone x9-4782 (off campus: 831-459-4782)
Tutor: Chris Tatsoian, Email Chris

Midterm Takehome Exam: Handed out in class
Final Exam: Friday, 3.20.2015 12-3pm

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3.17.2015 Our final exam has been posted in Lecture Notes & Papers.

1.25.2015 On Monday, I will discuss 2-port linear network parameters. This will introduce the topic and also provide a more clear perspective on the oscillator designs you are working on for lab. I have posted lecture on this topic in the Lecture Notes & Papers folder. 

Note: anyone wanting to add the group seminar on EE174 topics this quarter should see me about this tomorrow in class. This is your last opportunity to sign up.

Homework #2 has been extended until Friday due to an error in the first question.  I have corrected this and added a hint to the second question.  The revised assignment, rev2, has been posted.

The greensheet handed out in class showed Kresge 225 as our new classroom; it should have read "Kresge 325".  We will meet there beginning on Wednesday.

Homework #1 has been posted. It will be due on Wednesday.

Our scheduled room, JBE 169, has been changed to accomodate students beyond 20.  However, this has not yet been published in the Schedule of Classes, so we will meet in JBE 169 for the first class meeting on Monday 1.5.2015.  Note too that labs will begin next week.